UFC 141’s Alistair Overeem Says Brock Lesnar Has Weak Stand-up + He’s Still Strikeforce Champ

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25 Responses to “UFC 141’s Alistair Overeem Says Brock Lesnar Has Weak Stand-up + He’s Still Strikeforce Champ”

  1. 8pac says:

    Overeen you are so stupid… you have a potetntial to defeat every one in
    ufc but insted you chose to be a showeoff

  2. ian77efc says:

    Roses r red brocks a twat
    He got knocked clean
    What ya think of that
    He wobbled and swayed
    Hit the floor fast
    Now he has retired his slow useless fat ass
    Thank you I do requests

  3. brybry19871987 says:

    @UncleTermite You spelled retarded wrong ya fuckin nipplehead. What I love
    is how you have yet to admit that you were comlpetely wrong about the
    fight. That lets me know it eats you up that I was right, and you were
    wrong. Again, read this carefully so it really soaks in: I was right, and
    you were wrong. Haha I win

  4. brybry19871987 says:

    @SinisterMcDeth Actually I can honestly say I would fight Brock, cuz all
    you gotta do is punch back and he loses. By the way, Overeem beat him so
    bad he retired.

  5. brybry19871987 says:

    @SinisterMcDeth haha look at you threatening over the internet- what kind
    of douche are you? By the way, Overeem beat Brock so bad he retired.

  6. jozsefkacsa says:

    @brybry19871987 Good one Buddy.I just loved it how Overeem made Lesnar look
    like an 8 yrs old kid.Lesnar did nothing goo for MMA all he did is brought
    a bunch of fans from WWE to come over and they know nothing about MMA.All
    they wanna see is ppl get hurt knocked out senseless get their arms and
    legs broken.And they disrespected and Boo-ed great MMA champs.So I hope now
    that Lesnar finally gone back to WWE all the idiot fans go with
    him.Brock”the Turtle”Lesnar NA NA NANANANA EYEYEY GOO’OOD BYE

  7. John Fitzgerald says:

    Says he hits harder than Cain than gets trashed by Bigfoot

  8. brybry19871987 says:

    @SinisterMcDeth Remember what carefully? Another excuse? Ok, I will
    remember that you made another excuse. Go ahead make some more, hang on let
    me make some for you: Uhhh Brock’s disease was the reason he lost, he
    didn’t go for enough takedowns, hang on I just had a thought: What kind of
    a grown man uses the term “LMFAO” ? Haha god your pathetic. By the way,
    Overeem beat Brock so bad he retired on the spot.

  9. Will Marini says:

    @brybry19871987 U do have a big mouth ,why dont u back it up instead of
    analyzing other fighters?Oh i forgot u just type lame remarks and avoid any
    real valid points to show your a tough guy……LMFAO!!!!!!

  10. MrKnockOutLA says:

    @SinisterMcDeth Umm well u quoted me wrong Dumbass. U didn’t get what I was
    saying my last comment. Your mom was right. You really are a mistake LMAO.
    Tell her fuck her later. Peace faggot LMAO

  11. lee wilderspin says:

    Brock would of done the same.

  12. MrKnockOutLA says:

    @brybry19871987 That pussy won’t fight anyone. He never predicted 1 fight
    right. That pussy’s a loser….. BROKE AS FUCK LIVING WITH MOM. LMAO. He’s
    a joke. Its almost funny

  13. brybry19871987 says:

    @Smileypie11 Haha your still trying to make excuses… Before the fight it
    was all “Brocks hammerfists blah blah bla” now its “He did a lot for the
    sport” Yea so did Tank Abbot why don’t you write some letters to Vince and
    beg for your ass hugging back. Over—-whelmed

  14. Ali Belaj says:

    @gmd1417 Thats complete bullshit. Brock lesnar has never fought a man like
    Overeem. Brock is WAY overrated. He is mostly fat, while overeem is all
    muscle. Lesnar is a pussy.

  15. Will Marini says:

    @jozsefkacsa I just love how internet warriror like to dump on an
    athlete/fighter who despite all the BS still went out their and fought
    everybody……you know what i mean???…….internet warrior……LOL!

  16. 63ways says:

    Brock is a wrestler. Not a UFC fighter. Never was! He was terrible.
    Strength saved him in a lot of fights, but he is not talented.

  17. bm2g says:

    overoid,he is finished now

  18. brybry19871987 says:

    @SinisterMcDeth Haha anytime you have to tell someone your accomplished,
    guess what? Your not. Only thing you are is an accomplished shit talking
    loser. Congratulations. I’m an accomplished fighter, war hero, olympic
    athlete, dragon slayer, pilot, I can find Waldo every time in like 4
    seconds, I once killed a man with my pinky toe, I can shoot an aspirin in
    half from 100 yards out with a j-wad. I mean fuck I am just one
    accomplished guybert. Idiot.

  19. brybry19871987 says:

    @brybry19871987 “Brock didn’t press him” Ok I know your a fucking moron but
    do you even know who he was fighting? Overeem is a fucking killer, you
    don’t just “press” Overeem like its nothing, especially when you don’t know
    how to throw a punch.

  20. Smileypie11 says:

    @MrKnockOutLA HAHA……thats all ya have???Whatever “MR

  21. Smith Guy says:

    He hit it lol

  22. blakeesmith84 says:

    Arrogant prick.

  23. americanmambi says:

    Good luck to all the ppl who think JDS has better stand up than the Reem,
    the dude fight plenty of K1 matches as well as holding the champ belt for
    2010. But hey, its MMA, anything can happen, I still think he will beat JDS
    due to fighting exp and size.

  24. Will Marini says:

    @brybry19871987 Yea O.K internet keyboard warrior..LOL….guess
    what?…..Brock is still their biggest draw and by saying he didnt do good
    for the sport pretty much ends this debate b/c your …………retarted!

  25. marktallica1 says:

    She’s a tall lady and pretty