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Alistair To Face Fabricio In July

If you are wondering when you will see Alistair Overeem in action, he would be having a matchup with Fabricio Werdum who is a heavyweight champion of the UFC. Alistair is a former champion of Strikeforce; the two fighters teaming up for the event on July 8th are something worth waiting for. The game would […]

Overeem Doesn’t Think Brock Lesnar Will Return To UFC again

The 34 years old Mixed Martial Artist from Netherlands, Alistair Overeem has said that he does not think that Brock Lesnar is at all likely to start fighting mixed martial arts ever again. If Brock Lesnar indeed comes back to octagon then Overeem would like it very much to be his opponent but the Dutch […]

Alistair Overeem destroys Struve

Not many people would consider Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s Heavyweight Alistair Overeem to be someone capable of doing any damage. He is one of the best knockout artists in the sport while standing but just as Stefan Struve found out, he can do a good job on the ground as well. The two […]