Strikeforce Heavy Artillery: Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers weigh in video – St. Louis, MO – HD

Strikeforce: Hefty Artillery – Alistair “The Demolition Man” Overeem vs. Brett “The Grim” Rogers weigh-in video. The weigh ins took area at the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis, Missouri on 05/14/2010.

25 Responses to “Strikeforce Heavy Artillery: Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers weigh in video – St. Louis, MO – HD”

  1. toejam498 says:

    rogers bitch tits

  2. Olengher says:

    Sports is about discipline as much as it is about force.Sportsman with chain and tatoos, wtf.

  3. Nick718BkLyN says:

    @rangaman86 Yeah but I like a girl with a nice body with curves lol And yeah some do live on the pole I guess haha

  4. rangaman86 says:

    @Nick718BkLyN haha don’t make them bad girls… lol Just meens they worked for thier money!! haha Some live on the dole, others live on the pole!!

  5. Nick718BkLyN says:

    These weigh in’s are boring. I thought Strikeforce had more fans, guess not….

  6. Nick718BkLyN says:

    @rangaman86 lol Yeah dirty and not attractive. They all have no bodies at all. They are all anorexic. The ring girl for UFC, Ariana has a fucking body. None of these girls do…

  7. rangaman86 says:

    I like how the strikeforce girls look way dirtier than the ufc girls!! I love it

  8. toure7 says:

    at 1:55 the blonde girl is checking him.I think she wants to get a piece of the little Reem!

  9. smdbch1 says:

    Its possible to get a body like Overeem’s without steroids. His always been all muscle even at a young age.

  10. AlmightyZEDANIUM says:

    @MrMonkeykillah He actually never used steroids…

  11. Malk64 says:

    @MrMonkeykillah Yet the tests keep coming back negative.

  12. kazikartinec says:

    @mozadek1 haha i saw that one too

  13. WillieTaylor949 says:

    A guy from the crowd “You’re going get knockout”!!! LOL

  14. Ralphie89 says:

    I think Brett has more body fat than Alistair

  15. hellaskinnyskin says:

    @dionusos2 his all muscle brett got a lot of fat

  16. gooberhead81 says:

    @MrMonkeykillah meh. curse all you like. You obviously don’t understand his diet and training routines, neither of which involve the use of steroids. You think he would be fighting ALL this time in so many different organizations without ONCE ever testing positive? You think people haven’t already thought what YOU thought and asked for tests? durrr, jackass. He’s never once pissed hot and you’re just mad because you don’t look like that. Keep your unintelligent comments to yourself.

  17. toure7 says:

    Overeem has the best shaped body in the world

  18. MrMonkeykillah says:

    @gooberhead81 you gullible fucking idiot – you dont think he is on steroids??? he is still pretty shit even on the roids but he is definitely on em, dumb cunts

  19. MrMonkeykillah says:

    @xBaRtHeZ Alistair “steroid monkey” overeem

  20. zeroseveneight says:



  21. hulkchicken says:

    is he wearing one of big blacks chains?

  22. mozadek1 says:

    And notice the lil bitches body language and faces when Alister comes on stage…


  23. dionusos2 says:

    How the fuck is he 156? He looks much bigger/denser than Brett

  24. JasionJones says:

    @jggyeah he lost becuase he was a tall and lankey fighter back than and had to lose 20 pounds before every fight, he’s a monster now and don’t assume things unless you have evidence or proof. You’re just a typical hater who wishes he had an overpowerd body like overeem. YOU MAD?

  25. gooberhead81 says:

    @whole27 and you also have to remember, whenever you see him during training or during the fights…his muscles are working and every athlete knows that when you work your muscles, they contract, making you look a little more ripped than usual. Especially mid or post workout, or in this case mid-fight.