Alistair To Face Fabricio In July

If you are wondering when you will see Alistair Overeem in action, he would be having a matchup with Fabricio Werdum who is a heavyweight champion of the UFC.

Alistair is a former champion of Strikeforce; the two fighters teaming up for the event on July 8th are something worth waiting for. The game would be held at T-Mobile Arena in the city of Las Vegas. The matchup was confirmed recently by

Overeem with statistics 42-15 and one NC would be participating in this bout as a winner of five fights of the past six ones that he participated in before. Four of the fights were via knockout rounds. The only loss that he experienced in these games was the loss he experienced in the first round to Stipe Miocic who is a UFC heavyweight champion.

This occurred in UFC 203. Regarding his opponent Werdum, had a loss to the same champion Miocic in the last run of events he participated in. He also experienced seven victories out of eight. With regard to their past fights, the duo had faced each other in the ring twice in tournament rounds. At the 2006 Pride Grand Prix Werdum was successful in the first fight while Overeem won a rematch that occurred as part of the quarter finals of the Strikeforce Grand Prix. This tournament took place in 2011.

With such a history behind them, fans will be eagerly waiting to see how the July 8th event unfolds. Alistair has been doing well, but so has his opponent in the last fights they have fought. There is nothing like two similar capacity opponents to fire up the excitement of a fight. Hence, fans will surely love to await the event as the months roll by. Meanwhile, one can read up on how Alistair is training up for the event and his latest developments on his social media accounts.