Alistair Overeem – Video Clip 02

Video Clip of Alistair Overeem. FieLDS K-one Earth GP 2009 Last : Specific Web site アリスター・オーフレイムのビデオクリップをお届け!! FieLDS K-1 Planet GP 2009 Ultimate : Specific Web site
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25 Responses to “Alistair Overeem – Video Clip 02”

  1. iTzSissyGirl says:

    This is how true athletes roll… no steroids just hard work and alot more self satisfaction.

  2. hoppahboy says:

    @KObrettipl he carries 160 kilograms which are about 352Ibs

  3. ondaloe1 says:

    The Reem isn’t on steroids… has the guy ever been close to out of shape??? of course some fat ass eating potato chips on his couch is going to suspect anyone in great shape is on roids… is bas on roids is couture on roids? stop being a hater and lift some weights!

  4. kresodubrovnik says:

    I love steroids

  5. SkyrimOwns says:


    Yeah, he holds 3 titles right now, he’s a completely different fighter and found the weight he fights at best.. I think 2011 will be a good year for him.

  6. brknspacebar says:

    maybe the horses he eats take steriods?

  7. KObrettipl says:

    I can carry 217lbs each for half minute I weight 227lbs and 6.1″ and I workout on the gym 1-2 a week lol

  8. Ikiendangi says:

    This is how you sound like when you eat too much horse meat lol.

  9. StrangeDeimos says:


    85kg a piece, atleast that was said to him. AO added it up wrong. Its still 375lbs

    I think he could do more, perhaps 200kg, but AO is on the edge already, where putting on more weight becomes less practical for fighting

  10. cujo905 says:

    I like alistair, excellent K1 level striker but really hasnt been that successful in mma against top guys. Although he’s in his prime now so maybe that will turn around.

  11. aguafiesta69 says:

    he would rape in the UFC

  12. frankwhite2020 says:

    @ConservativeReality Hahahahaha, go blog about death panels or something and leave us real fans discussing here. Fucking circus animal.

  13. ConservativeReality says:

    @frankwhite2020 Go bite the balls off a donkey, fuckin internet tough guy.

  14. frankwhite2020 says:

    @ConservativeReality You don’t know shit you clown. Go fuck off and watch Fox news and jerk off to Billo

  15. TrueGreatness73 says:

    I would say Overeem is between 285 and 295. Muscle weighs more then fat and look at his height and muscle.

  16. ConservativeReality says:

    @bretchet23 Could be, but he’s a 280lb juice monster too….. look at poundstones channel, its very possible.

  17. bretchet23 says:

    @ConservativeReality i sincerely doubt he could pick up 700 pounds, much less run with it. he’s strong but not that strong. why would he say 160 kg if that was only half the total weight.

  18. ConservativeReality says:

    @frankwhite2020 expert, maybe……………. more knowledgeable than 99% on here………… what did I say that seemed wrong to you?

  19. frankwhite2020 says:

    @ConservativeReality You are a anabolic steroid expert? No, fuck off kid, go jerk off to some maxim videos

  20. lee1990lee says:

    whys the dude training in brand new trainers lmao

  21. spikkel70 says:

    @smashu2 total

  22. foxclan99 says:

    that`s great – “you can try if you want” 😀

  23. ConservativeReality says:

    @TheBloodSyndicate If Carwin tried to throw with this guy it would be over fast, with carwin on his ass…….. Allistar is a K1 champion, and a massive juicemonster to boot…….

  24. ConservativeReality says:

    @smashu2 Thats each hand…… its over 700 lbs…..

  25. R3js says:

    Its very possible, dont know how it started, anyway, you can see it in some episode of THE REEM ( thereem. c o m) Overeem challenged Badr for a MMA fight, and Badr challenged Overeem in K1. Both agreed and they did K1 first, and THE REEM won. So its the MMA fight left.