Alistair Overeem Open Workout Video

TOKYO, Japan — MMA Fighting was on place to witness Strikeforce heavyweight champion and K-one World Grand Prix 2010 champion Alistair Overeem set on a present at his Dynamite!! 2010 media exercise beneath the watchful eye of two-time K-one MAX Champion Masato at Kazushi Sakuraba’s Laughter7 Dojo in Ota-ku, Tokyo on Tuesday. Despite the fact that his opponent for New Year’s Eve has not yet been produced official because of to visa problems, Todd Duffee has arrived in Japan and is anticipated to get on the not long ago crowned K-one king for the DREAM heavyweight belt on Dec. 31st.
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25 Responses to “Alistair Overeem Open Workout Video”

  1. kastro696989 says:

    Overeem would destroy the whole UFC HW division like its NO BIG DEAL

  2. kastro696989 says:

    Overeem would destroy the whole HW division like its NO BIG DEAL

  3. 2431346 says:


    cool story bro. Ricardo Arona is 5’11 and he raped Overeem. Have fun being tall in Holland, a country that is small, insignificant and socialist.

  4. JRsReaction says:

    @2431346 Nope, but I’m from Holland, when you are 5’9 you are a midget with us.

  5. Andrew861 says:

    He got lucky? Kongo threw those punches with intention, there was nothing lucky about it. Cain was so rocked by those punches, he had to turn to his wrestling base, holding Kongo down the entire fight. If Overeem threw those same punches at Velasquez, he would melt his face.

  6. 1010thechamp says:


    Is thos the same Knogo that got smashed by average Mir, who in turn got smashed by Carwin, who got choked out by Brock, and Brock got smashed by Cain.
    Kongo got lucky by tagging Cain a few times but as you can see he’s not on Cain’s league, if they fought 10 times I’d be surprised if Kongo could beat Cain more than once.
    Overeem would stand a better chance but I give Cain 70/30 chance.

  7. suparpowers says:

    @2431346 mad

  8. 2431346 says:


    Midget? He’s 5’9. That is the average human height. Overroid would have been KO’d by masato just like he was by shogun rua before he gained 50 lbs.

  9. JRsReaction says:

    @2431346 Masato would die! That little midget!

  10. Ceyfunn070 says:

    @dvsxavier same routine in strikeforce brotha

  11. 2431346 says:

    Masato would beat the reem.

  12. zigyzigy13 says:

    You? Hahahaha!!!!

  13. dvsxavier says:

    this fool can’t juice in the UFC…they r tested before each fight…like boxers…

  14. jason1993ish says:

    @ronnied828 if u had his body neither wud u

  15. Andrew861 says:

    Cain had alot of trouble with Cheick Kongo, being rocked on multiple occassions. I think most would agree that if Kongo had even the smallest takedown defense, he could’ve finished off Cain. And to be honest, Overeem is about 100x as deadly as Kongo.

  16. HeliaoThai says:

    100% anabol

  17. excelx213 says:

    Sagat from street fighter!!

  18. shooter246123 says:

    I still think Cain would put him on the ground and never let him up….same with Carwin if he gets his game right. However I would pay to see Overeem kill Lesar

  19. ronnied828 says:

    hes not lacking self confidence, thats for damn sure !

  20. esredito says:

    @MezPT yeah.. it’s all the neck and face workout and the horsemeat!! hahahaha

    Lol to the skin of the back of the head and neck..

  21. xolloy01 says:

    OMG, i feel bad for that dude who gets to be pounded by Alistair,
    even tho it’s just a practice, it’s gotta hurt

  22. MezPT says:

    steroids. test and ban please. unless he has a secret neck and face workout routine.

  23. VBCABC123 says:

    hes a fucking beast, would hate to fight him

  24. DrBadSasha says:

    where is my BORIS?

  25. inforcerer says:

    @ondaloe1 yeah he,s not fun anymore he,s to good its not exciting anymore you dont have to turn the chanel on you say oww overeem wins just like fedor in 2005 and tyson in the 80,s