Alistair Overeem destroys Struve

Not many people would consider Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s Heavyweight Alistair Overeem to be someone capable of doing any damage. He is one of the best knockout artists in the sport while standing but just as Stefan Struve found out, he can do a good job on the ground as well.

The two Dutchmen were matched against each other on the card of a recent UFC Fight Night and the action was power packed to say the least.

Overeem came at his compatriot right away and looked to lock onto the body of Struve before turning and tossing him down onto the ground. This was the first time that Struve has fought in more than one year and the seven foot fighter did a good job at the beginning to contain his compatriot.

But Alistair Overeem had too much power in him and it was not possible for Struve to contain his compatriot for long and it was just a matter of time for Overeem to be patient and bide his time. He got into the best positions inside the cage and kept on setting up Struve for the bombs that he dropped from above.

Finally, he managed to lock Struve against the cage, leaving him nowhere to run and Overeem kept on pounding on him before Struve rolled away and the referee deemed that he had seen enough and stopped the fight.

This win is a welcome return to winning ways for Alistair Overeem who has been an enigmatic figure since the UFC signed him on. Many thought that the former K1 Grand Prix winner and Strike Force Heavyweight champion was past his best but he showed that he still can do a good job if he can get his focus right and his body firing too.