Remy Bonjasky vs Alistair Overeem, [K-1 WorldGP Yokohama 2009] Superfight

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25 Responses to “Remy Bonjasky vs Alistair Overeem, [K-1 WorldGP Yokohama 2009] Superfight”

  1. 1991Deutsch says:


  2. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 You could argue that Fedor-Werdum was a fluke however the loss to Bigfoot was not. Ask yourself this. How many well-rounded MMA fighters has Fedor fought of that size? I’d argue that size played the key factor in that loss. Has Fedor at 34 slowed down a little? Probably. But you should also give credit to his opponents. Overeem has been beating mid level competition. It is noteworthy that he destroys them. We’ll have to agree to disagree on rankings.

  3. ironman145614 says:

    @MysticNinjaJay i gotta give it to werdum for catching him like that but come on theres somethign wrong when fedor loses twice IT IS AGE whether you want to admit that or not it is a huge factor and cro cop is a prime example of that look at his last few fights every mma fan knows thats not the old cro cop but anyway ya this whole argument was that reem is not mma top ten yet (which he isnt) because he fights k1 more than mma and his wins in the cage arent worth talking about really

  4. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 Btw you keep complaining about Fedor and Crocop being past their prime. Look obviously by mid 30s most fighters slow down. They are not the same as they were when they were 25-30 however the competition is also getting better. Age is not the only factor and people tend to use age as an excuse for why a fighter lost ignoring the technical reasons why they actually lost.

  5. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 How can you say forget rankings and then argue about Top 10 and Top 5? Those are RANKINGS! I agree that Overeem has more to prove in MMA before he can be considered elite. But based on recent performance he is close. Most MMA fighters only fight 2 or 3 times a year. Overeem did MMA twice last year and if Fedor and Werdum hadn’t ducked him he would have focused on Strikeforce over K-1. Now he is in the tournament. There’s really nothing to argue about.

  6. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 Listen to you. Use logic for a change. He could not go to the UFC because he had a contract with Strikeforce. Coker allowed him to fight overseas. If he felt he was ducking competition he would have stripped him of the belt. I’m not saying beating Duffee for the DREAM title was significant I’m just recapping Overeem’s recent career. I agree with you. Let’s see how he does in the tournament. But I disagree with you when you act like Overeem isn’t going after tough fights in MMA.

  7. ironman145614 says:

    @MysticNinjaJay then go to ufc if theres no mma fights for him were hes at simple as that if he wants to be a champ then be a champ quit duckin the compo in ufc and now that strikeforce has heavyweights that compare to ufcs he finally has a chance to be an mma fighter so wull see what he does and dont even talk about dream heavyweight title i like dream but what a joke duffy just got kod by some sloth in ufc and now hes fighting for a title off a loss against overeem shows the lack of talent

  8. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 And for the record you lost all credibility when you ranked Fedor as #1. I have never come across anyone in internet debates who ranks a fighter who loses two fights in a row as #1 in their division. That is serious nuthuggery. Overeem is on a 9 fight winning streak. Two of those wins are Top 10 (going by Sherdog rankings). That logically qualifies him as Top 10. Sergei and Barnett over Overeem is a joke.

  9. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 Knowing all of that how can you possibly criticize Overeem for only fighting for the title once in 3 years? THERE WAS NOONE TO FIGHT AND THEN HE GOT INJURED! Then Fedor and Werdum ducked him so he did K-1. Overeem is probably the most active elite fighter in combat sports right now. Competing at a high level in MMA and Kickboxing at the same time is insane. The guy is like Deon Sanders. Again lower tier Top 10 is perfectly sensible. I’m not basing his achievement in MMA on K-1.

  10. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 After Fedor won Overeem said he wanted to fight Fedor in April 2010 but then M-1 started up bullshit calling Overeem a steroid bully and saying he wasn’t worthy to fight Fedor. They chose to fight Werdum instead. So Overeem fought and beat Rogers in May. He tries to fight Fedor again. Fedor loses to Werdum. Neither want Overeem they want to rematch each other. Overeem decides to do K-1. He wins the K-1 WGP he wins the DREAM interim HW title and now he is in the tournament.

  11. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 You obviously don’t know the history of Overeem’s title reign. After he beat Buentello there was virtually noone Strikeforce could offer him to fight. So Coker allowed Overeem to pursue bigger money fighting for DREAM. That’s when he fought Crocop. He also took some fights in Europe. Strikeforce started to become a bigger ORG after buying EliteXC. Overeem was supposed to fight Rogers in 2009 but broke his hand in a bar fight. So Strikeforce did Rogers-Fedor…..

  12. ironman145614 says:

    @MysticNinjaJay im not being objective with rankings….your putting a guy whos had 2 mma fights in the past 2 years and not defending his title but once in 3 years in the top 10 in mma…he..fights…in…k…1…mysty understand? :/ lol i feel like im just talking to an uneducated child now and forget rankings thats just opinions im focusing on facts as to why overeem is not top 10 in mma i love the guy hes a great kickboxer but 2 more wins in mma and THEN i will be convinced hes top 5 even

  13. ironman145614 says:

    @MysticNinjaJay lol your not getting started on the title because you cant he hasnt done shit to be the heavyweight champ in ANY organization now THATS whats foolish. and my main point here that you still dont see which plainly wins me the argument, he is winning KIICKBOXING MATCHES!! NOT MMA FIGHTS! to rank him top ten in mma because hes good at kickboxing is just plain stupid kickboxing is not mma and he barely fights in the cage anymore but in K1 top 10 frsure maybe number 1 wont argue that

  14. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 You see I am not a nuthugger. I do not put my favored fighters to high or guys I dislike too low. Lesnar at #2 is silly, but #10?! He just lost the UFC HW title. Werdum and Silva should get more credit for beating Fedor. Fedor should slide down a bit but he’s still in the rankings for having such long tenure as #1. No way is he #1 now. Overeem is just barely in the Top 10. He needs to start fighting names. We can agree on that but you aren’t being objective with rankings like me.

  15. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 Here is my Top 10 list: 1. Cain Velasquez 2. Fabricio Werdum 3. Junior Dos Santos 4. Antonio Silva 5. Brock Lesnar 6. Shane Carwin 7. Fedor Emelianenko 8. Alistair Overeem 9. Frank Mir 10. Roy Nelson

    You’ll notice that it is similar to but slightly different from Sherdog. There’s no logic IMO in putting inactive fighters above Overeem. Say what you will about the names in his streak but he has been active and consistently winning. Notice even I put Fedor over Overeem.

  16. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 Fedor can still reasonably be IN the Top 10 but when you start losing you logically slip in rank. You put in at #1 above Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos as well as Werdum and Bigfoot who just beat him. That is a crackpot Top 10. I notice you aren’t defending the cheater Josh Barnett who got dropped from Sherdog’s rankings due to inactivity following suspension. You are biased against Overeem and that is all there is to it. He is showing enourmous potential to be Top 5 or #1.

  17. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 I don’t act like he is God. I am perfectly reasonable in my assessment of Overeem. His winning streak is good enough to put in the lower tier Top 10. That’s reasonable. He’s showing alot of potential by destroying the competition he has beat and has the tools to match anyone in the HW division. So rather than fixate on the past like you I simply look forward to seeing how he does against the big names. Don’t get me started on the title. I will make you look foolish.

  18. ironman145614 says:

    @MysticNinjaJay im the nuthugger? bro overeem beats a few cans and you act like hes got thats nuthugging, and fedor is still in the top ten on pretty much everybodies list and it doesnt mean shit if your on a win streak if your not beating names then why should you be in the top 10? and your so dumb iv been waiting to break this to you, OVEREEM HAS DEFENDED HIS TITLE ONCE IN THE PAST FEW YEARS lol hes not an mma fighter hes a kickboxer suck it up fag

  19. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 LMAO! You are a nuthugger. You can make as many excuses for Fedor as you want but you can’t justify putting him at the Top 10 with a two fight losing streak. Sergei’s victory over Overeem was almost 4 years ago. You have no concept of what rankings are about. They’re about recent accomplishment. Consistently winning raises your rank. You are a hypocrite for saying Arvolski is a good win but Rogers is not. Double standards and nonsense is all you’ve offered in this discussion.

  20. ironman145614 says:

    @MysticNinjaJay sergei beat overeem in there last fight thats why dumb ass lol and arlovski and overeem sound way better as wins on sergeis record than overeems last nine wins against a bunch of cans give it up kid hes yet to prove himself as a top 10 until he does stfu and ya fedor is better than all of them he beat all the greats and he still has the skills to do so hes just getting old and doesnt have the body or conditioning for it anymore you need to realize fighters suck when they’re old

  21. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 Oh and did you really rank Fedor #1 when he is on a two fight losing streak? That is either a mistake or you are on drugs.

  22. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 And look at who Sergei’s last win is over. Arvolski. You know, the guy you said is past his prime and not Top 10. So you rank Sergei Kharitonov over Alistair Overeem when he has only had two fights in the last two years neither victory was Top 10 yet Overeem is on a 9 fight winning streak. You’ve got to be kidding me. Rankings are subjective but reasonably based on recent accomplishment. I see no logic in your personal rankings. I’ll go with Sherdog. Overeem is 8 or 9.

  23. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 You’re making excuses. Crocop was 34 when he fought Overeem, three years below your chosen retirement age. MMA fighters typically last longer than Boxers in the fight game at least so far. If you think Kongo, Gonzaga and Overeem didn’t have the tools to give a prime Crocop problems you are delusional. How do you justify putting Sergei and Barnett in the Top 10 when Barnett sat out a year for steroid conviction and Sergei is on a two fight winning streak?

  24. ironman145614 says:

    @MysticNinjaJay you dont know shit about fighting if you think mid 30s is a prime fighter, bro just because randy and big nog havent quit yet doesnt mean every fighter gos till there 50 the normal retirment age is 36-37 maybe 40 if your really good so ya no thats a legit excuse he was out of his prime, and jee like thats gonna be hard , 1.fedor 2. cain valasquez 3. dos santos 4. mir 5. carwin 6. silva 7. werdum 8. karitonov 9. josh barnett 10. lesnar all of these guys have done more on paper

  25. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ironman145614 Crocop was in his mid 30s when he fought Overeem. Again stop making excuses. The competition is getting better and Overeem is an improved fighter. I’d rank Overeem in the lower tier Top 10. Atleast 8 or 9. If he beats Werdum he will be Top 5. If he is not Top 10 who would you rank above him at this point to push him out of the Top 10?