Alistair Overeem destroys Struve

Not many people would consider Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s Heavyweight Alistair Overeem to be someone capable of doing any damage. He is one of the best knockout artists in the sport while standing but just as Stefan Struve found out, he can do a good job on the ground as well.

The two Dutchmen were matched against each other on the card of a recent UFC Fight Night and the action was power packed to say the least.

Overeem came at his compatriot right away and looked to lock onto the body of Struve before turning and tossing him down onto the ground. This was the first time that Struve has fought in more than one year and the seven foot fighter did a good job at the beginning to contain his compatriot.

Alistair Overeem feels great despite loss

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight Championship contender Alistair Overeem may have lost his match against Ben Rothwell via knockout at UFC Fight Night 50 but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of the Dutchman.

Overeem posted a tweet on his official Twitter account following the match where he stated that it was an unfortunate result but everything is fine with him, he is healthy and he is eager to get back into the gym to prepare for his next match.

The Dutchman was recently in The Netherlands, his native where he was visiting his friends and family and he conducted a telephonic interview with The MMA Hour where he admitted that the result might not have gone the way he would have liked it but he is taking it in his stride.

He said that he is fine, the fight was not that good; in fact it was terrible and he feels it is a shame because he was in such good shape to churn out a result. Alistair Overeem added that it is how it is in the Heavyweight division – one mistake and the match turns on its head completely.

Overeem spent his time training at the famed camp of Greg Jackson and although he has lost yet another fight, taking his recent record to three losses in four fights, the Dutch Demolition Man is happy with the direction he is heading in.

According to Alistair Overeem he is definitely disappointed by the result of the match because he was in great shape and in a great place. He added that he rediscovered himself at Greg Jackson’s academy. He said that he likes the people and the place and he would love to go back there again before he gets ready for his next fight as well.