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25 Responses to “Alistair Overeem vs Brett Rogers Fight Video Strikeforce Heavy Artillery”

  1. novemberrain1994 says:

    @00ghostcobra We are not back in the Pride days.. Well thats not stating the obvious! haha but thats why I said “back in the Pride days..” and nah.. Cain dominated Lesnar in there match, and yeah I hope we do see them.

  2. 00ghostcobra says:

    @novemberrain1994 We are not back in the Pride days.. And I will bet that Cain is as much of a flash in the pan champ as Lesnar was. Overeem would be both of them now. Since Dana has how bought Strikeforce we could be seeing these fights very soon.

  3. novemberrain1994 says:

    @00ghostcobra Cain would kill him.. so would Fedor back in the Pride days..

  4. ufc20mma says:

    join my channal ive lots of full fights really trying to get a good channal started

  5. aztecapride71 says:

    @206ernesto man no joke i wonder if overeem on da juice like if you think he is and if you dont think so comment back and tell me y you think he isnt on da juice

  6. 206ernesto says:

    @00ghostcobra includes???
    he kills them all lol.
    UFC my ass, Overeem is the HW filter to greatness.

  7. nlocliff says:

    the quality is so bad

  8. MsOlsen82 says:

    LMAO Brett got his monkey ass kicked.

  9. 00ghostcobra says:

    Overeem is the best HW in the world. And that includes the UFC…

  10. greenfruitface says:

    I’m glad it wasn’t me receiving the Uber Knee at 2:39

  11. Skillfullnewbee says:

    @SuperLlama25 Mir is a shit fighter and wil not win from Overeem he would be K,O’d by Overeem in round one and Overeem groundgame is also one of the best. way better than mir

  12. MrExpertPerfect says:

    Steven´╗┐ Seagal´╗┐ taught Alistair Overeem a secret technique to increase muscle mass.

  13. NightManiacsInc says:


    look i agree with like 98% of what you said, Im not one of these UFC nut hugging fans, but i dont really agree with the last sentence
    & look i know overeem is the best stand up striker in MMA by far, yes i agree with that & if he came to the UFC he would become champion no doubt, but he wouldnt just whup everyone, he might beat alot of top ufc hw’s but he struggles with wrestlers & the one thing the UFC’s hw division has is extremely good powerful wrestlers

  14. jamesmmu says:

    @SuperLlama25 Look at Overeems record, he has a lot of wins by Submission. I think overeem would power himself out of his submissions and he is also very technical on the ground. i dont think the fight would last that long though. Mir would get smashed in round 1.

  15. SuperLlama25 says:

    @Skillfullnewbee i guess you forgot there’s a ground game in MMA…frank mir would make quick work of overeem…

  16. Skillfullnewbee says:

    Look at the K-1 in Stand up game they will destroy every fighter in the UFC in stand up fighting, no one in the UFC is close to be as good as Aerts, Overeem, Sam Schild, Bonjasky, Badr Hari, Saki, and Overeem is K-1 world champ! And that makes him the world’s best HW stand up fighter. His power is not matched by any fighter in the UFC only Roid Lesnar could be stronger but yet not skillfull enough to beat Overeem. Strikeforce and K-1 got more high class HW fighter’s than UFC.

  17. Skillfullnewbee says:

    Overeem made more money than the whole top of the UFC combined. And Got way more fights on his name than most of the UFC Fighters. Like your big Roid lesnar who did not even got 10 under his belt. Roid Lesnar is a MADE champ and that makes the UFC title worth nothing to Overeem or Fedor they really don’t care about UFC and they will never sign with Dana white under UFC exclusive contracts..

  18. Skillfullnewbee says:

    No UFC is the biggest MMA Organization in America! For God’s sake Roid Lesnar is the Champ now thats bullshit. Alistar Overeem will destroy him same counts for Mir and Carwin. 80% of UFC is American or from Brazil and it’s a known fact The best fighters in the world are Dutch and there is only one in the whole UFC and that by it self is bullshit. Dana White gives people stupid contract’s that they only can fight for UFC and not in K-1 or Dream or Strikeforce.

  19. NightManiacsInc says:


    dude stop saying dumb shit dude,the UFC is the Biggest MMA organization in the world, Of Course he has the $ to pay him that, i mean seriously dude how can you think dana cant afford it,they just sold 55,000 seats in canada in 30min. you think dana’s broke?
    & how is the UFC pro America when a) was started by brazilians b)most fighters in the UFC are NOT from America, including their champs, & c) they keep going to other countries for fights

    the UFC has the biggest talent pool

  20. Skillfullnewbee says:

    He was at UFC93 yes but that was B4 he got a shit contract that was binding him to UFC only. Dana white don.t got enough money to pay for fighters like Overeem or Fedor. UFC is pro america and shit

  21. NightManiacsInc says:


    okay you’re like SOOO wrong

    i admit the UFC has had alot of talentless ass clowns, but for the most part they have the best talent pool in the world, sure theres alot of good fighters else where, but they’re all scattered
    & it’s VERY possible that overeem will fight in the UFC, dana white has said he wants overeem, in fact alistar overeem was in attendence at UFC 93 with dana white by his side, so dont say never

  22. Skillfullnewbee says:

    Well the UFC is filled with overhyped lame no fighting record worth mentioning fighters. And Dana white is a anti fighting sport kind of promoter with stupid contract’s. Guy’s like Overeem want’s more than 3 fights a year for peanut money if he can freelance and do strikeforce and K-1. Overeem is better than any UFC fighter at this moment. And Lesnar is a made Champ with no fighting record worth mentioning. UFC and Overeem will never ever happen

  23. brknspacebar says:

    the quality of this video is unbearable

  24. jnieves77 says:

    @timlin0607 Either way Overeem was just to much for him because even in the stand up Brett seem like he was very hesitant to really hit Overeem and even if he wasn’t Overeem would have used that sick overhand right to knock Brett out like he did to that guy in K-1 and to Todd Duffy, Overeem Striking is at a very high level for heavyweights.

  25. scenicfuel says:

    Overeem apanhou muito do shogun gostaria de ve-lo com o cigano.